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Origin of Christmas

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The true story about origin of Christmas took place with the birth of Lord Jesus Christ (Issa), known as the messiah of mankind in the house of joseph and mother mary. His birth took place in Bethlehem in a barn on the 25th December. His father was Joseph and mother was Mary. An angel gave the couple the divine news that the son they are going to have is the god itself. A huge star formed on the sky when the birth of Jesus Christ took place. When the king Herod heard this news he ordered to kill all the children of age less then one year. Due to this Joseph and Mary had to leave their place for safety they travelled to Bethlehem. At that time three wise men took particular interest when the new star appeared in the sky. They knew that it is a special moment and it has a great significance so they followed the star. All the three wise man were king of their states. Belthazar was the king of Ethiopia; Melchior was the king of Arabia and Casper was the king Tarsus. They travelled on camel for many days following the direction of the new star and finally they found the infant Jesus Christ. When they saw him they all bowed down and gave him gold and frankincense and then went back to their states with the realization that a savior has got the birth to help the mankind and to spread the peace in the world.

Christmas story beginning with the Jesus birth

Legends of Christmas

The story of origin of the Christmas has many different legends and anecdotes. The celebration of Christmas on the occasion of birth day Jesus Christ started after many years of the birth of Christ. The message given by the lord Jesus had a great importance in the celebration of Christmas. The lord Jesus scarified his all the life for the welfare of human being and spreading the message of peace all over the world. He never harmed any body in his whole life period. The festival Christmas that we celebrate also signifies the same. So people in all over the world celebrate Christmas festival with a high spirit.

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The collection of stories and legends related to christmas festival tradition and Jesus birthday celebration all over the world

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